This is What They Told Me: Stories from Prison That They Won't Tell You

Phillip's Book...This is What They Told Me: Stories From Prison that They Won't Tell You

It is not easy being a Correction's Officer....Many people negate the dangers that Correction's Officer face on a daily basis. Unlike other areas of law enforcement, we are in the presence of offenders 8-16 hours a day. It is a challenge being a Christian and working in the correctional environment. By the grace of God, I learned to maintain a level of compassion for my fellow co-workers and the offenders of whom we oversee. My martial arts training has taught me that life requires balance, my spiritual training has taught me that balance requires compassion. Excerpts from the book...."pg. 17 "I understand that compassion is a counseling trait that has to be included in one's counseling practice. Displaying humility towards anyone that seeks help with any form of mental disorder is a highly respected calling that requires the ultimate submission in the word of God as the counselor."

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