Love Is A SenSei

Excerpt from Chapter 10

True loves gives off an energy that is magnetic. For years I would always hear preachers use the term "equally yoked" when describing two people that were so connected that they couldn't be separated. I mean seriously, have you ever cracked two eggs in a bowl and tried to separate the yolks from each other. It is almost impossible. They keep drawing themselves closer and closer. The more you try to pull them apart, the more the yolks seem to pull towards each other. Before long, you barely  have to stir them together. You just put the yolks in a bowl and watch the natural course of things. This is what our relationship had become. It was effortless, it was natural and it was unplanned. We were like magnets...drawn to each other and the more we tried to pull ourselves away from each other, the closer we became. You would think with this type of love that I would have felt secure, but I wasn't, I was scared to death. Scared to move forward, no way of moving backwards. Part of my fear was that despite our love for each other, we lived in a fairy tale that could easily turn into a nightmare at any moment.  Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble

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Behind My Prison Walls

Author Phillip Lawton captivated his audience with stories and real accounts from prison in "This is What They Told Me; Stories From Prison That They Won't Tell You." In his second book:" Behind My Prison Walls: When Corrections Meets Christ" Phillip provides a look at some of the internal struggles and challenges that  he and other Corrections Officers face. He also discusses his personal challenges with walking with Christ and working in a prison. This book will make you laugh, cry, smile and reflect. Most importantly Phillip will captivate you and make you feel through his expression of emotions in the candid depiction. AVAILABLE NOW ON AMAZON

I Want To See My People Smile is a preview book of poems published by Denne Lawton. The full book of poems will be published in Spring of 2022.  Click Here for More Information How To Purchase 

I want to see my people smile and look toward the sun

With heads held high and teeth shown wide with dreams of what is yet to come

 I want to see my people smile with ease of comfort from coast to coast With no worries at all of the world wrapped around with freedoms granted at birth 

I want to see my people smile with a sincerity that comes from deep within With a familiar candor and a prominent gait and confidence delivered to a generation of men

 I want to see my people smile with an ancestral pride That is the resemblance of a mountain’s height and the depth of an ocean’s wide 

I want to see my people smile absent the worry of fear and hate With a familiarity of peace and faint memories of a time that embodied restraint 

I want to see my people smile and embrace that which is blue With a trust of equality that justice exist and is fair and true

I want to see my people smile as their children transition from what was once play To live a life fulfilled with joy and happiness that turns their hair from black to gray

 I want to see my people smile and hug their reflection with sincerity and peace Absent the consequences of a divide that started west but is presented east 

I want to see my people smile when ravished with that which has rendered them ill With a promise of a cure embraced in the science of their skin that defies a mere pill

 I want to see my people smile because I have seen enough of their tears Wrapped in promises, packaged and delivered to them the same way every four years